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Richmond Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation – Marble Countertop (18)

Other Projects Richmond Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation – Marble Countertop Living room Floorings and Stairs Renovation Entire Kitchen Full Remodeling Before renovation, there are green floor and yellow walls. After our renovation, small lights, fire space, modern tiles and floating shelfs are installed. Stairs, Floaring Shelf and Stairs Redesigned and Renovated Installed the newly modern […]

Richmond Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation – White shaker(12)

Other Projects Richmond Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation – White shaker After Before Kitchen Renovation in Richmond Kitchen  The kitchen before the renovation was dominated by dark wood and dull colors. And the middle of the kitchen is not used, so the space was wasted.  The renovated kitchen and bathroom are minimalist. The whole is black […]

TWU Commercial Renovation Kitchen and Cabinets Remodel (11)

Other Projects Commercial Renovation- TWU Restaurant Renovation Restaurant Kitchen and Reception Renovation Stainless Steel Sink Pre-construction pictures show that the walls were badly damaged. ​We have tiled the kitchen to waterproof and protect the walls. The stainless steel sink is also installed on the wall to prevent water seepage and facilitate cleaning. An extra countertop […]

Coquitlam Renovation Wainscoting and Custom Cabinet (10)

Other Projects Coquitlam Renovation -Wainscoting and Custom Cabinet After Master Bedroom Renovation in Coquitlam Bedroom was demolished Our customer wanted the wainscoting on the master bedroom wall. During the renovation, we protected the flooring and added switches and TV mounts according to the customer’s requirements.  Ceiling Lights are installed We recently installed a small bar […]

Modern Style Coquitlam House Project (9)

Other Projects Modern Style-Coquitlam House Project After Before Kitchen Renovation in Coquitlam Entire Kitchen Full Remodeling The kitchen shows a significant contrast before and after the renovation. Even without altering the room’s layout, these changes have significantly improved the overall space. The client wanted to make the most of this space, so we transformed it […]