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Richmond Renovation Whole House Project
-Modern Kitchen Remodel
-Bathroom Installation

Kitchen remodel before and after: Before Renovation house remodels before and afterKitchen remodel before and after: Before Renovation house remodels before and after

Kitchen Renovation in Richmond

Entire Kitchen Full Remodeling

The content of this project is kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces, stair and laundry renovation, flooring, painting and so on.

For the kitchen, we demolished the previous cabinets, countertop, wall tiles, sink and faucet. Then, several spotlights and pendant lights were added to the ceiling. In addition, we relocated electrical outlets for the new appliances. The floors were removed and replaced with SPC(Vinyl Plank) flooring; the ceilings were repainted.

Dining Renovation

We refurbished the fireplace, including repainting the wood frame and installing tiles, using small irregular stone pieces. The gray stone tiles make the place become brighter. The warm colors tiles match with the modern pendant light.

Arched floating wooden shelf​

The carpet has been replaced on the stairs. Wall, ceiling and doors were repainted..


Small Bathroom Renovation

The small washroom also replaced the floor tile, shower, wall light and so on

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Full Renovation

Surrey Whole House Renovation

Remodeled Kitchen, Washroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining room, Stairs, Walls, Ceilings, Floorings, and Doors.


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