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Surrey Whole House Renovation - Customized Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Renovation in Richmond

Modern Kitchen Re-modeling with remaining the previous Layout

The owner wants to transform the house from the old and classical decoration to a more modern style through this project.

The overall layout of the kitchen has not been changed. The original cabinets and the drop ceiling have been removed to make it more comfortable after raising the height. The cabinets were replaced with a set of custom made stacked cabinets in dark and white color, quartz marble-veins countertops and backsplash. The quartz stone backsplash has no gaps and very easy to clean. 

Wall Remodeling in Richmond

Bathroom Renovation

In the serene enclave of the master bedroom, a metamorphosis took place—a metamorphosis that transcended mere functionality and ventured into the realm of aesthetics. The bathroom, once ensconced behind an imposing wall that soared to meet the ceiling, underwent a graceful evolution. Walls, like stories, have their own narratives, and this one was no exception. It harbored secrets, whispered echoes of morning rituals and midnight musings. But it was time for a change—a reimagining of space and light.

Renovated Bathroom with Sunlight

The decision was made: the wall would be truncated, its lofty aspirations curtailed to a more modest half. And so, with the precision of artisans, the transformation began. The result? A luminous expanse where light pirouetted through the newly opened vista. Sunbeams, once relegated to the periphery, now pirouetted across the floor, casting elongated shadows upon the tiles. The bathroom, once cloaked in shadow, now basked in the sun’s embrace.

New Powder Room Renovation in Surrey

But this was not merely a dance of light; it was a symphony of functionality. The shower area, like a canvas awaiting its brushstrokes, expanded to accommodate the owner’s desires. The tiles, cool and inviting, stretched their arms wider, embracing the promise of rejuvenating showers. The water, once confined, now cascaded freely, a liquid melody that harmonized with the morning routine.

Modern Washroom Renovation

the bathtub—the vessel of relaxation, the sanctuary of solitude. It had its own tale to tell. The old, the familiar, was replaced with the new—a Free-Standing Tub, chosen with care by the client. Its curves invited languid soaks, its porcelain surface cradling tired limbs. Here, in the quietude of bubbles and warmth, dreams unfurled like petals, drifting along the currents of steam.

Living Room and Dining Room

Living Room and Dining Room Renovation

The living room had a classic fireplace, which was rebuilt to a full firepalce wall that reached to the ceiling to make the space look wider. Another small living room, where the original recessed wall design was removed and replaced with custom made cabinets inlaid on each side of the fireplace wall and floating shelvings.

Livingroom Remodeling in Surrey

The connection between the living room and the dining room was originally a classical column, which was removed, and a new curved arched entrance was installed.

Dining Renovation lets your family gather in the modern interiors.

The dining room has a recessed space. We installed a set of custom made cabinets and under-cabinet lights to increase the storage space and make it more beautiful. 

The New Drop Ceiling elevates your relaxing spaces.

The original crown moulding was removed, we built a new drop ceiling with hidden light stripes in it.

Stairs, Walls, Ceilings and Floorings Replacement in surrey

Stairs, Walls, Ceilings and Flooring are renovated

Ceilings and walls have been repainted, The handrails of the stairs were sanded and repaint a new color. We replaced the carpet of the stairs and the flooring. The new color of the flooring no longer looks outdated.

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Full Renovation

Richmond Whole House Renovation

Remodeled Kitchen, Washroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining room, Stairs, Walls, Ceilings, Floorings, and Doors.



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