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Richmond Whole House Renovation - Expand Kitchen

Whole Space Paintings in Richmond

Wall, Ceilings, Floorings

The paint color has also been changed from dark cherry to light gray to help brighten the whole space.

Floor Renovation in Richmond

The previous flooring color was dark and the texture was messy, we replaced them with new 12mm laminate flooring. 

Newly modern Dining space

The stucco textures were removed from the ceiling and some walls, and dozens of spotlights were added for the kitchen area and the family room with dimmer control. The client has control of the brightness of the areas. He loved it!

Kitchen Remodeling in Richmond

Black and White Kitchen Renovation Design

There have been major changes throughout the house. The kitchen has been changed from the original closed U-shaped kitchen to an open concept kitchen. We removed 1 wall and doubled the kitchen area, it became brighter and cleaner. The wooden handrails of the stairs were replaced with glass handrails.

Washroom Remodeling in Richmond

New Bathroom installment

The previous bathroom layout was not very reasonable. We removed the tub and closed that wall, the space is allocated to the master bathroom next door.  We newly built a Tiled Based Standing Shower with a frame-less shower glass door at the previous toilet location.  The toilet is replaced and relocated.

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