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Richmond Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation - Marble Countertop

Living room Floorings and Stairs Renovation

Entire Kitchen Full Remodeling

Before renovation, there are green floor and yellow walls. After our renovation, small lights, fire space, modern tiles and floating shelfs are installed.

Stairs, Floaring Shelf and Stairs Redesigned and Renovated

Installed the newly modern tiles on stairs. For matching the living room with the wall, we painted and set additional shelf on the wall.

Kitchen Countertop Remodeling in Richmond

Kitchen White Marble Countertop Installation

The main color of the kitchen is changed to light-colored white, and the back panel is made of marble textured bricks, which matches the texture of the bricks of the kitchen countertops. The kitchen has also added more storage space, and the handle of the cabinets and the faucet are made of the same stainless steel. The appliances in the kitchen are also built-in, so you don’t need to spend too much time on cleaning.

Ceiling and Wall Demolishing

The design of the bathroom also refers to the decoration of the kitchen. The bathroom countertops with marble texture are used, and the main color is also beige.

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