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Surrey Whole House Renovation - Cozy House

Cozy Kitchen Renovation in Surrey

Kitchen Renovation

The content of this project is kitchen and bathrooms renovation, flooring, painting and so on. Due to the client’s privacy, we can only show pictures of the public areas.

Dining Renovation

The kitchen was the one that had the biggest change. The old kitchen’s cabinet was dark brown with a large ceiling light, it made the whole space boring and dark. However, after changing with white shaker cabinets, the place became brighter. After changing to four pot lights, the kitchen looks clean and spacious. The client chose matt brushed brass kitchen handles, it highlights the whole place. Also it matches the subway backsplash. The floor tiles are gray with white texture, which has a good anti-slip surface and adds a sense of modernity. It is also matched with gray island cabinets.

New Lighting Installation

Arched floating wooden shelf​

The client chose Matteo as their lighting. The store has a variety of choices in Vancouver and sufficient inventory. It is highly recommended. 

Stairs and Ceilings Renovation

New Stairs installation

The second floor of this project also renewed the Walk-in closet and bathrooms, everything in the bathrooms was renovated.

New Stair Handrails Installation

The handrails of the stairs have been sanded and repainted, and all the walls have been painted, the overall space is much softer.

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