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House Renovation - Vancouver West

Bathroom Renovation in West Vancouver

Our Original 3D model design and rendering

The new project in Vancouver West is now completed! The main focus of this project was bathroom renovations, where we provided our clients with interior design floor plan, 3D model and rendering.

Bathroom shower re-installment

The new bathroom now has a standing shower, a floating toilet, and a floating vanity cabinet. The overall color scheme was mainly cold color, with a modern design that included full-wall marble texture tiles and small mosaic tiles for the shower floor to prevent slips.

New wall and floor in Bathrooms

In the other two bathrooms, which had the same design concept, the client wanted to allocate more budget to the powder room (which will be showcased in the next phase, stay tuned!). We removed everything from the original design and replaced the bathtubs with standing showers, installed new 2×2 Carrara wall and floor tiles, installed a customized floating vanity cabinet, and added under-cabinet lights and backlit LED mirrors. The bathrooms were finished with silver faucets, showerheads, and glass door accessories.

Door Replacement

Replace 2 door for 1 door

The biggest change was in the bedroom areas, where the client wanted to renovate the walk-in closet into a full washroom with a shower. We replaced the double doors with a single one, added more space inside the bathroom, and seamlessly repaired the wall panels to match the original ones.

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