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Modern Style-Coquitlam House Project

Kitchen Renovation in Coquitlam

Entire Kitchen Full Remodeling

The kitchen shows a significant contrast before and after the renovation. Even without altering the room’s layout, these changes have significantly improved the overall space. The client wanted to make the most of this space, so we transformed it into an extended countertop. We installed a wine rack as well. You can also see from this picture that we installed 2×4 floor tiles.

Dining Renovation

The old cabinets were placed with new white shaker cabinets, and dark gray color for the fridge, island and pantry, harmonizing with the half walls, floor tiles, and accessories. The kitchen island is built with a light marble veins top, using dark gray for cabinet spaces. Pendant lights above the island blend seamlessly. Ceilings were smoothed, painted, and recessed lights were added, the kitchen is a lot brighter now.

Bathroom Renovation in Coquitlam house

New Washroom Installment in Coquitlam

The washroom used to have the most common style in this area. We have redone the vanity, eliminating the decorative edges, which makes cleaning much more convenient. The walls have been repainted, installing a round LED mirror. It can be said that it’s much more comfortable than before, it becomes clean and bright.

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